Jennifer's relatable story will touch hearts and reignite the passion to succeed!


Jennifer’s gripping keynote inspires leaders, motivates sales teams and drives home the imperative of never giving up.

High Schools & Universities

Jennifer’s “no holds barred” candor instills confidence and ignites a burning drive that says “If she can do it, I can, too!”


Entertaining & inspirational, Jen’s audiences emerge energized and charged to transcend the obstacles before them.

Conferences & Rehab Centers

Jen delivers her message of hope and determination for anyone who has lost strength and will, and reenforces those ideals for everyone.


Jen's story

At age 17, Jennifer had her sights set on the Olympics when it all came crashing down following a near fatal car accident that left her comatose and brain damaged.

Unable to walk, talk, or eat on her own, over the next ten years Jennifer battled physical, mental and emotional obstacles to regain her physical independence, graduate college and become a national speaker.

Audiences are moved by her courageous journey for physical independence and are inspired by her story and life lessons. Determined and unwilling to give up, Jennifer ignored her doctor's prognosis and with the help of her loving and dedicated Mother, Joanne Field, combed the globe in search of treatments and therapies that would help her regain her life. She embraced the expression never say never, and her audiences will too.


J Field Logo

The J Field Foundation provides hope and directions for the hundreds of thousands of physically and mentally challenged people who face the same massive challenges that the founder, Jennifer Field, has confronted in her life.

Recently Jennifer has developed, with her mother, Joanne Field, a branch of her foundation called Bright Steps: “The Tiniest of steps can mean the greatest change.” This division of the foundation donates funds to help brain injured individuals to partake of some of the alternative therapies that insurance does not cover.

If you or a family member is a head injury survivor, or you are a caregiver or advocate for a brain injured individual who may benefit from an alternative therapy geared towards the rehabilitation of the effects of a brain injury, the J Field Foundation and Bright Steps can help.


“Easily one of our best presentations in the twenty-five years we’ve been holding the conference!”

Steven Wade, Executive Director Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire

“An excellent opportunity for people to comprehend the options for crafting a meaningful and productive life.”

Felise S. Zollman, M.D., Medical Director, Brain Injury Program, Rehab Institute of Chicago

“Charming... Beguiling... I highly
recommend Jennifer’s keynote...”

Henry Betts, M.D., Past Medical Director / President Rehab Institute of Chicago

“A story of courage and tenacity...”

Robert A Williams, Executive Director Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association